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NY Limo Accident Deadliest In US in Almost a Decade

Experienced accident attorneys help those injured in limo accidents

When a limo accident in upstate New York took the lives of 20 individuals in October 2018, the incident made headlines all across the country. Investigators called the tragedy the country’s deadliest transportation accident since 2009. When a limousine accident results in injury or death, navigating the laws regarding who is liable for the accident can be complicated. Accident attorneys at Ged Lawyers, LLP are skilled and experienced in handling limousine accident claims, with a demonstrated track record of successfully recovering compensation for injured victims.

Limousines and safety regulations

Oversized passenger vehicles known as “stretch limousines” are modified after the car is manufactured. As such, stretch limousines are not held to the same safety regulations that are established by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for the protective structures on newly manufactured passenger vehicles. Any modifications to a vehicle may influence the ability of the vehicle to withstand crash impact as well as its handling ability.

Personal injury law protects those injured in accidents due to negligence

Personal injury law protects those who have suffered injury or death in accidents that are caused by another person or entity’s negligent behavior. In the case of a limousine accident, the personal injury claims process becomes more complicated because there may be several parties who bear some level of responsibility for the accident. In addition to the limo driver, the owner of the limousine, the manufacturer of the limousine, the entity responsible for vehicle inspection and maintenance, and the operator of the limousine service may share blame.

Legal time limits for filing personal injury claims

Every state has legal time limits for filing claims in the civil courts, known as the statute of limitations. In Florida, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is four years from the time the accident took place. Those who file claims after this four year deadline will have their case dismissed and they forgo any opportunity to recover compensation for the damages they sustained.

What are compensatory damages?

In filing a personal injury claim, the injured party seeks what is known as compensatory damages. Compensatory damages are designed to return the injured victim to the state they were in prior to the accident occurring and include losses such as medical bills, lost wages, lost sick and vacation time, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Responsible parties should be held accountable for your injuries

At Ged Lawyers, LLP, we believe that the responsible parties should be held accountable for your injuries. And we work tirelessly to make sure they do. Dedicated, compassionate, and skilled in navigating the complexities of personal injury cases involving limousine accidents, we fight on your behalf for the compensation you deserve. Our team is available to answer your questions, address your concerns, and discuss the available legal options. Contact our office at 844-443-3529 or online to arrange for a confidential consultation to discuss your limo accident. Ged Lawyers, LLP offers multilingual services in Arabic, Creole, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and other languages.