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Fishing Charter Companies Business Interruption and Claims Due to Hurricane Michael

Florida disaster recovery lawyers successfully handle insurance claims and recover compensation for fishing charter captains and businesses

Many Floridians are used to the state’s long hurricane season and take necessary precautions when the National Weather Service issues a warning. But when Category 4 Hurricane Michael pummeled the Florida Panhandle in October 2018, there was only so much one could do to prevent damage and losses. Many fishing charter companies suffered damage to their vessels and had to cease operation and face the accompanying financial losses. The hurricane insurance claim attorneys at Florida’s disaster recovery firm, Ged Lawyers, LLP, are skilled and experienced in helping fishing charter companies recover compensation from business interruption due to hurricane damage. We have a long history of recovering maximum compensation for disaster victims from insurance companies.

Marine insurance

Marine insurance plans provide protection for commercial boats, charter fishing vessels, inspected charter boats, and uninspected charter boats. Insurance policies vary in coverage so it is important to review your insurance policy carefully for the terms of the policy, collect any necessary documents, and note any specified timeframes for filing your claim or notifying the insurance company of your loss. Whenever possible, take photos or video of the damage you sustained to your fishing charter vessels. Being organized and detail-oriented will help the hurricane insurance claims process run more smoothly.

Is business interruption insurance standard?

While every insurance policy differs, business interruption insurance is not typically included in a standard commercial property insurance policy. Business interruption insurance is usually provided by your insurance company as an endorsement, also known as a rider. An endorsement is an option that you can choose to add to your insurance policy.

How business interruption insurance works

Business interruption insurance protects your fishing charter business and any prospective earnings should the business be interrupted due to a hurricane, such as Category 4 Hurricane Michael. Most business interruption insurance is effective for a length of time known as the “period of restoration”. This refers to the reasonable timeframe necessary to repair, rebuild, or replace the damaged fishing boat with a vessel that is of the same quality. Business interruption insurance generally starts at the time the damage occurred and is not limited by the insurance policy’s expiration date.

We help Florida businesses recover from Hurricane Michael

While Floridians are not unaccustomed to hurricanes, Hurricane Michael’s strength as a Category 4 storm will have Florida residents recovering for quite some time. At Ged Lawyers, LLP, we understand the challenges you face in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael and are dedicated to helping Florida businesses effectively and efficiently recover from these kinds of disasters. Our experienced team expertly navigates the claims process, taking on the insurance companies to recoup the compensation you deserve and get your charter fishing business back on the water. Contact a member of our legal team today at 844-443-3529 or online to arrange a case review to discuss your business situation.