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Insurance Bad Faith Attorneys in Boca Raton

Our leading Florida insurance claim attorneys have a long track record of success holding insurance companies accountable

When you have filed an insurance claim, you understandably expect the insurance company to uphold their end of your contractual agreement and pay the damages that are covered by your insurance policy. Unfortunately, the insurance claims process is not that straightforward. If you believe your insurance company is not acting in good faith, and is being unreasonable in refusing or denying your claim, you may be able to file a bad faith lawsuit. At Ged Lawyers, LLP, our skilled Florida insurance attorneys have experience in all facets of insurance claims and have a track record of success in holding insurance companies accountable and recovering damages for your losses.

What are bad faith insurance laws?

The term “bad faith” refers to the act of intentionally deceiving another individual or refusing to perform a duty or contractual obligation. It is the opposite of “good faith”, which is acting in a fair, reasonable manner. Bad faith insurance laws are state regulations that were developed to protect consumers from unethical practices on the part of insurers. Florida’s bad faith laws allow injured parties to recover damages from the insurance company when the insurance company has failed to settle a claim in good faith.

What is considered to be acting in “bad faith”?

An insurance policy is a legal contract between the insurer and the policyholder. You as the policyholder must satisfy payments and meet deductibles as specified in your insurance policy. In return, the insurance company must perform several important duties to their policyholders. When an insurer fails to do so, it is considered to be acting in “bad faith”. For the most part, insurance companies are expected to:

  • Conduct a proper investigation of the claim and present their findings and a valuation
  • Pay a settlement agreement or judgement entered against a policyholder, up to the limit of the policyholder’s insurance coverage
  • Defend the policyholder against a claim, with some exceptions

Every insurance policy is unique and the first step in finding out whether there was an act in “bad faith” is to carefully review the terms of the insurance policy to determine if there was a violation of your contract. Check that all your premiums were met and confirm that your claim is, in fact, covered under the terms of your insurance policy.

Is your insurance company acting in bad faith? Call now, we can help

The insurance claims process can be cumbersome in the best of circumstances. But when your insurance company is acting in bad faith — failing to uphold their contractual obligations and not being reasonable in evaluating your claim — you may feel as if you have hit a brick wall. Not so. At Ged Lawyers, LLP, our Florida insurance claim attorneys are leaders in the field and have extensive experience navigating the insurance claims process, with demonstrated success at holding insurance companies accountable. Our goal is recovering maximum compensation for your damages. Let us help you get what you deserve. Contact our office today at 844-443-3529 or online to schedule a free case review to discuss your case.