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IVC Blood Clot Filter Lawsuit

Many lawsuits have been filed in recent years stemming from injuries caused by the inferior vena cava (IVC) filter. This is a medical device commonly used to prevent blood clots from traveling to the lungs or heart, but it also has design defects that can potentially result in serious injuries to patients.

If you have an IVC blood clot filter inserted and have since experienced severe complications and injuries, you should not wait to discuss the matter with an experienced IVC filter lawsuit attorney. Our firm of Ged Lawyers, LLP, is taking on these types of cases, and we are ready to help you recover for your losses from this defective medical device. Contact our team about a possible product liability claim today.

IVC Filters and Possible Complications

When a patient has deep vein thrombosis with a high risk of blood clots, doctors might decide to surgically implant a filter in the inferior vena cava, which is the main blood vessel that runs from your body’s lower half to your heart. The IVC filter is meant to catch and dissipate blood clots traveling from the lower body before they reach your lungs or heart, which can be deadly.

While the IVC filter is intended to serve an important medical function, the design of the filter can lead to serious problems. A design defect allows the IVC filter to break into pieces, allowing small parts of the filter to migrate in the IVC throughout a patient’s body. One patient had a fractured piece of filter get lodged in her heart, requiring emergency life-saving surgery.

Over the years, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) received numerous complaints about the following issues with IVC filters:

  • Fractured filters
  • Device migration in the body
  • Perforation of organs
  • Detachment of filter components

Many patients have to have subsequent surgical procedures to remove the filter and, possibly, various pieces of fractured filter throughout their body.

Lawsuits Against IVC Filter Manufacturers

There are several manufacturers of IVC filters, including Bard, Cook, Johnson & Johnson, and more. When a manufacturer produces and markets a medical device (or any product) with dangerous design defects, the company should be held liable for any harm and losses caused by the device.

In addition, reports have indicated that Bard and other manufacturers knew of potential risks of the UVC filters but did not properly warn the public. This means that many patients agreed to have IVC filters inserted without knowing that the filters might cause serious injuries and require additional surgeries to repair the problem.

Speak with Our IVC Blood Clot Filter Lawsuit Attorneys About Your Options

Thousands of people have suffered injuries from IVC filters, while thousands of people still have this medical device implanted with the risk of possible future injuries. If you sustained injuries and needed additional emergency treatment for injuries from IVC filters, the manufacturer should be held liable for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and other losses. The IVC blood clot filter lawyers at Ged Lawyers, LLP, can help. Call 561-995-1966 or contact us online for a free case evaluation today.