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David PJ Rosenthal

Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Florida

Intake, Investigations and Research
Custodian of Evidence

Senior Investigator; Intake; Research; Custodian of Evidence; Catastrophic Loss Investigator
Meet new clients, perform the initial interviews and research on their cases.
Perform investigations into everything from traffic homicides to case law.
Create 3d computer mock-ups of accidents, travel to incident sites and give my professional opinion based on my training and experience to assist the attorneys in the representation of our clients.
Create interactive pin maps for cases involving premise liability which dramatically show the incidents surrounding locations.
Research case law, drugs, persons and places to assist attorneys in their cases.
Review police reports, traffic homicide reports and cad notes for additional information and witnesses to incidents.
Photograph, video and surveillance of locations of incidents.
Secure witness statements.
Maintain evidence and evidence log and create chain of custody for all evidence as Custodian of Evidence.
Perform Skip Tracing and Asset Searches.