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This Week In PIP - February 9th

In: This Week In PIP

This week we will talk about:

  • SB 54—the REPEAL of PIP, mandatory BI & Bad Faith Overhaul
  • SB 54: One Committee Down, Another to Come
  • HB273: Changes to PIP Recovery - If recovery becomes more difficult, can we throw out the system?
  • HB 719: House Version of SB 54
  • SB 54 & HB 719: Impact on Medical Providers & Financial Uncertainty
  • SB 54 & HB 719: Impact on Patients and the Access to Healthcare
  • Recent PIP Cases
  • Events and Announcements
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Leading Causes of Boat Accidents

Boca Raton is close to the ocean and offers easy access to various lakes and rivers. As a result, boating is a major source of fun and recreation for plenty of people here. In addition to attracting local residents who enjoy spending the day on the water or going out on fishing trips, visitors from throughout Florida and across the United States are drawn to our waterways, as well. [...]

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