Areas of Practice

John Gonzalez

Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Florida

John Gonzalez currently serves as the Intake Case Manager for Ged Lawyers, LLP and joined the team in December of 2005. A bi-lingual native New Yorker with extensive and diversified investigative experience, he was licensed as a Private Investigator in New York State for many years. His compassion for the injured and determination to seek justice for them propels his persistent efforts to serve the firm’s current and prospective clients.

His background includes service as a licensed independent liability adjuster and appraiser for top adjusting companies in N.Y.; as chief investigator for Local #3, the Electrical Employers Self Insurance Safety Plan, on construction jobsites in New York City; and as the SIU Director of the Special Investigation Unit for a major auto insurance carrier. He also worked in conjunction with both local and nationwide law enforcement agencies including N.Y.P.D., O.S.H.A., the Coast Guard, and N.I.C.B.

He became licensed as a Risk Assessor by the E.P.A.; licensed as a lead inspector in New York & New Jersey; and conducted investigations on lead poisoning cases for the law firm of Fitzgerald & Fitzgerald within the tri-state area. He served as a Special Investigator and Intake Specialist within the firm. Also, his experience qualified him to testify as an expert witness in both civil and criminal trials throughout his tenure.

Early in his career he worked as an adjuster for Crawford & Company, Geico, and Greater New York Mutual Insurance Company after having earned a B.B.A. in Management/Marketing from Pace University in New York City.