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Boca Raton Real Estate Lawyers

Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Florida

At Ged Lawyers, LLP we have extensive expertise in representing our diverse clients on all issues relating to the purchase, sale or ownership of commercial or residential real estate property. In addition to providing individuals, developers, businesses and investment groups with real estate legal services we can help them locate suitable properties and arrange for financing.

Our West Palm Beach real estate lawyers handle all types of legal transactions and litigation on behalf of individuals, companies, partnerships and investors offering precisely targeted solutions for a full range of problems. We serve entrepreneurs, start-up companies, international investors, professional organizations and limited liability companies (LLC’s) with a full range of services.


A loan modification is new way to make it affordable for you to stay in that home. Loan modification can also be done to save you from a foreclosure. Loan modification is probably the best way to save your home if you are also upside down on your home and you have not been paying your mortgage payment. There are also government agencies who can help you with loan modification.

Loan modification is a process whereby a homeowner’s Mortgage is modified and both lender and homeowner are bound by the new terms. The most common modifications are lowering the Interest Rate, reducing the principal balance, ‘fixing’ adjustable Interest Rates, increasing the loan term, forgiveness of payment defaults & fees, or any combination of these.

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