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Boca Raton Estate Planning Attorneys

Estate planning is among one of the most important acts you can take to ensure that your wishes regarding your healthcare and the disposition of your property are followed in the event of your incapacity or death, and that your loved ones are financially provided for in your absence. At the law office of Ged Lawyers, LLP in Boca Raton, our Florida estate planning attorneys draft wills, trusts and powers of attorney to create a comprehensive estate plan that meets your needs and desires for your family, no matter what surprises life brings.

Wills and Trusts

Your estate consists of all the assets owned by you at the time of your death and can include many different types of property, including real estate, bank accounts, securities, life insurance policies, and personal property. The right combination of wills and trusts will help ensure that all of your property is accounted for and included in your estate plan. Our lawyers draft wills and trusts and other testamentary documents that maximize the management and control of your assets and investments during your lifetime, while minimizing the time and expense required to probate your estate and taking full advantage of the most favorable tax treatment for you and your heirs and beneficiaries.

Advance Directives and Powers of Attorney

An equally important aspect of estate planning that should not be overlooked involves planning for the management of your affairs in the event of temporary, long-term or permanent incapacity. Documents such as health care advance directives, health care surrogate designation, health care proxies and living wills can help ensure your wishes are followed regarding how you want to be treated, including life support and end-of life decisions. By not addressing these issues in advance, you wind up placing the burden on your loved ones at an emotional time, and they may not know your wishes or agree how you would like to be treated.

Also, with a power of attorney, you can designate someone you trust to manage your financial and legal affairs during your period of incapacity. Without such a provision, it may be necessary to go to court and have a conservatorship imposed, which could result in leaving important personal decisions in the hands of a stranger.

Help with Comprehensive Florida Estate Planning

It is never too early to create an estate plan, but if you put it off too long, it can be too late. The estate plan should also be reviewed and updated as wishes or needs change, or as life events such as marriages, divorces, births and deaths change the family dynamic. For thoughtful, deliberate estate planning and a comprehensive approach to wills, trusts and estates, contact Ged Lawyers, LLP in Boca Raton. We serve clients in Florida statewide.