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Florida Mortuary Lawyers

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Following a traumatic event, such as the death of a loved one, emotions can run high. And unfortunately, this anger and grief is often directed at the funeral home, cremation service, or cemetery handling a deceased individual’s final arrangements. Given the prevalence of lawsuits filed against those in the funeral industry, it is necessary to have experienced mortuary lawyers on your side. At GED Lawyers, LLP, our experienced Florida mortuary lawyers zealously defend you against all types of legal actions.

What is mortuary law?

Broadly speaking, mortuary law refers to legal issues involving funeral homes, cremation services, and cemeteries. Common allegations against mortuary businesses include:

  • Embalming mistakes: The embalming process is undertaken to preserve the body of a deceased relative long enough for the family to experience a final viewing. When something is alleged to have gone wrong during this process, relatives often initiate legal action.
  • Cremation mistakes: Cremation mistakes can include everything from the combining of ashes to presenting a family with the wrong remains. However, distraught family members sometimes file cremation mistake lawsuits without evidence.
  • Fraud and theft: Stealing from the deceased, overcharging family members for funeral services, and “recycling” caskets are all forms of funeral malpractice that are frequently alleged by mortuary industry clients.
  • Negligent burial: Burying several bodies in a single plot, transporting bodies without permission, and performing other disrespectful acts to one’s remains are all forms of negligent burial, and it isn’t uncommon for such allegations to be made against funeral industry businesses without evidence.
  • Mishandling of remains: When funeral homes drop bodies, place several bodies in a single casket, and otherwise fail to use care when handling the remains of a loved one, they should face legal repercussions for such actions. However, when these types of allegations are made without enough evidence, it is necessary for funeral industry businesses to obtain experienced legal counsel.

At GED Lawyers, LLP, we take pride in defending our clients against false and unsubstantiated claims. Allow us to put our dedication and experience to use for you today.

What sets GED Lawyers, LLP, apart from other law firms?

At GED Lawyers, LLP, we are the counsel of record for the Florida Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association, (FCCFA). Since 1995, our dedicated lawyers have consistently gotten results. No strangers to the courtroom, we take pride in our reputation as tough yet compassionate legal advocates. So, if your funeral home, cemetery, cremation service, or funeral service is facing a lawsuit of any kind, please allow us to fight for you.

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