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Cast Iron Pipes are Causing Issues for Homeowners in Florida

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At one point, cast iron pipes were thought to be durable, but now Florida homeowners are learning they are not.

Too many Floridians are just starting to learn that there is a problem under their home that could cost them tens of thousands of dollars. That problem is cast iron pipes, which were used in the construction of most homes prior to 1975 in the Sunshine State. These pipes are now corroding, causing homeowners to have drainage problems, high utility bills, and other issues.

Most insurance policies have a provision within them that states insurance companies must replace these old and worn pipes. Unfortunately, too many insurance companies prioritize profit over doing the right thing. When that is the case, homeowners can sue insurance companies for acting in bad faith. A Florida personal injury lawyer can help homeowners and business owners with their lawsuit.

The Problem of Cast Iron Pipes in Florida

Many homes and businesses were constructed with cast iron pipes, around Florida and throughout the rest of the country. This material was chosen because cast iron is extremely durable and thought to be long-lasting. Now, though, homeowners and business owners in Florida are learning that this is not always the case.

Cast iron has not caused the problems around the nation that it has in Florida. There is good reason for this. Florida’s water and soil are both extremely corrosive. This means that the soil outside of the pipes is corroding the cast iron from the outside. Florida’s water is also considerably corrosive, and this deteriorates the pipes from the inside. The pipes in Florida simply cannot withstand this harshness, and they eventually break down.

The Rights of Homeowners

When cast iron pipes corrode, they cost homeowners tens of thousands of dollars to replace. However, homeowners should not take on this cost alone. Most insurance policies have a provision within them that states that they are accountable for covering the cost of replacing the pipes. Many insurance companies will refuse to pay this steep cost, however, instead wishing to keep more of their profits for themselves.

Under the Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights, insurance companies are responsible for complying with the insurance policy and covering the cost of repairs when needed. When they fail to do this, they are considered to be acting in bad faith, and homeowners can file a lawsuit against the insurance company.

In Florida, that is just what many homeowners have done. Several claims have been filed both individually, and through class-action lawsuits, by homeowners that are trying to hold insurance companies liable for paying what the homeowner is owed. As the problem continues to worsen, and pipes continue to corrode, all homeowners should know that they can take action.

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Homeowners pay a lot of money every year to ensure that if there is a problem with their property, they will be able to repair it. When insurance companies refuse to pay for these repairs, homeowners can hold them accountable. Taking on the insurance companies is a challenging task, and you should not do it on your own. We want to help. If you are experiencing problems with your cast iron pipes, call us today at (561) 995-1966 to schedule a free case review with one of our Boca Raton personal injury attorneys.