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How Long Will Probate Take Without a Will in FL?

In: Estate Planning

Not having a valid will in place can significantly lengthen the probate court process in Florida, costing your loved ones both time and money.

Probate is the process of settling the estate of someone who passed away. Even if you do not have significant amounts of property or assets, they will still have to pass through Florida probate court proceedings before they can be distributed to your heirs. Having a valid will in place plays an important role in estate planning as it dictates your wishes in regard to these matters and reduces the amount of time probate takes.

How Not Having a Will Complicates Probate Court Proceedings

According to statistics from the American Association of Retired People (AARP), more than half of all adults do not have a legally valid will in place. Regardless of your age, income, or the amount of assets you possess, creating a will with the help of an experienced estate planning attorney should be a top priority. In addition to conveying your final wishes, it helps to speed up the amount of time it takes to pass through probate court proceedings.

Probate is the legal process for settling an estate. Your will acts as a guide through these proceedings, accomplishing the following:

There are certain processes that must be followed in settling an estate. Without having a will as a guide, the legal process is more complicated and can take significantly longer.

The Amount of Time it May Take to Settle Your Probate Court Case

For residents of Boca Raton, a will is filed with the Palm Beach County Probate Court by your estate administrator at the time of your death. Dying without a will is known as dying intestate.

Areas it is likely to impact include:

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