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Florida Business Interruption Claims Attorneys

Assisting Business Owners with Complex Insurance Claims in Difficult Times

No matter how secure your business seems, unexpected circumstances can derail your success in an instant. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the shutdown of all non-essential businesses, many of which cannot operate remotely. Companies suddenly lost all revenue with no end date in sight, and many small business owners are unable to keep up with rent and other expenses. Permanent closure is a genuine concern. It is especially true for many businesses in Florida that rely on tourism and physical locations to operate.

One tool that can be highly critical in this time - or when any disaster strikes - is your commercial insurance coverage. Each policy is different, and each business will have different types of coverage. If you have business interruption or income loss coverage, you should not delay in filing a claim. Obtaining benefits under this type of policy is often challenging, and you must follow specific procedures. Still, many companies receive claim denials.

It is essential to have the assistance of an experienced Florida business interruption claims attorney. Contact the law firm of Ged Lawyers, LLP, today. We have helped many individuals and companies obtain the insurance benefits they need following a disaster.

Requirements for Business Interruption Claims

Policies should explicitly spell out when you can qualify for business interruption coverage. The loss of income must occur due to the physical loss of property that makes it necessary to suspend your operations. Generally speaking, these policies refer to disasters that cause property damage, such as fires or hurricanes, though these are not the only circumstances that might qualify.

Many insurance companies are denying business interruption claims due to COVID-19, though past cases have shown that claimants can prevail with claims based on bacterial contamination. Also, Congress and numerous state legislatures are pushing to require insurers to include the COVID-19 as a qualified interrupting event. Still, insurers are routinely denying claims, and lawsuits are imminent.

If you have business interruption coverage and are losing income due to the coronavirus crisis, you must file a claim as soon as possible. You should file a claim even though it is as of yet unclear how much income you will lose. If you do not act now, you will have no basis to appeal a denial or file a lawsuit against your insurer if needed.

Have an experienced insurance claims attorney review your policy and begin filing the claim today.

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