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What Type of Compensation Can I Get If I Was Injured In a Truck Accident?

Truck accidents often result in serious injury and extensive property damage, due to the heavy weight and size of commercial trucks. Truck accident victims are often confronted with lengthy physical recovery, pain and suffering, mounting medical bills, and lost wages. The knowledgeable Florida accident attorneys at Ged Lawyers, LLP, have a demonstrated track record of recovering maximum compensation for accident victims.

Negligence must be present for a personal injury claim

The area of law known as personal injury law was developed to provide protection for those who have been injured in accidents that are the result of another person or entity’s negligent act. In the case of a truck accident, the negligence may refer to behavior such as speeding, aggressive driving, failure to obey traffic signs, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or committing another traffic violation. In a personal injury claim, the injured party files for “compensatory damages”.

What exactly are “compensatory damages”?

In a personal injury claim, the injured victim seeks “compensatory damages” for the injuries they sustained in the accident. This monetary compensation may include reimbursement for medical bills, lost wages, loss of earned sick and vacation time, and pain and suffering. When the loss is measureable, as in the case of medical expenses, the value is exact. When the damage is immeasurable, as is the case with pain and suffering, the value of those losses is estimated.

What is Florida’s comparative negligence law?

When you have been involved in a truck accident, it is not uncommon for the at-fault driver to argue that you are at least partly to blame for the accident. If you do share some of the responsibility for the accident, this will affect the compensation you may receive from the other at-fault parties. When there is shared fault for an accident, the state of Florida follows a “pure comparative negligence rule”. This rule provides that the level of compensation that you are entitled to receive will be reduced by the level of your responsibility for the accident. For example, if you are in a truck accident and it is determined that you share 20 percent of the blame for the accident, your compensation will be reduced by 20 percent. So instead of the $5,000 compensation that you may be entitled to, your compensation will be reduced 20 percent — to $4,000.

Recover the compensation you deserve from your truck accident

Accidents happen. And when someone else is responsible for that accident, we believe they should be held accountable. At Ged Lawyers, LLP, our skilled accident attorneys are dedicated to advocating on behalf of injured accident victims. We protect your rights, and secure just compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering. Our experienced team is available to discuss your truck accident case, answer your questions, and explore all of your legal options. arrange for a free case review online or by contacting our office directly at 844-443-3529.