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Can COVID-19 Impact My Personal Injury Claim?

In: Personal Injury

If you suffer injuries or have filed a personal injury claim, it is important to be aware of how changes due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) could impact your case.

The coronavirus epidemic has brought about major disruptions for residents of Boca Raton and throughout Florida. Schools, businesses, and government agency closures have all changed how we conduct our affairs. This also applies to people involved in accidents who are seeking compensation through personal injury claims. Whether you have recently been involved in an accident or have a personal injury lawsuit pending, the following details ways the current situation is likely to impact your case.

Documenting Personal Injuries in FL

According to the Department of Health, Palm Beach County has over 1800 coronavirus cases as of April 16th and that number is changing every day. These numbers are expected to spike in the days and weeks to come, overwhelming health care workers and depleting resources. As a result, getting care for personal injuries and documenting your treatments could prove challenging.

Medical records and statements from your doctor are important in determining both the severity of damages you suffer currently and how your injuries are likely to impact you in the years to come. Attending frequent follow-up appointments and obtaining certain types of tests is likely to be challenging now and could put you at risk of contracting COVID-19. To protect yourself and your rights in a claim, follow your doctor's instructions while keeping a daily journal detailing your symptoms and the effects your injuries have on your life.

Court Closures and Delays

One of the biggest ways COVID-19 is likely to impact your personal injury claim is through court closures. The Palm Beach County Civil Courts are closed for all in-person visits and non-essential services. While our Boca Raton personal injury attorneys may be able to file all the necessary documents in your case online, you can expect hearings to be delayed. During this time, we can still be working on your case. This includes conducting investigations, gathering evidence, and aggressively negotiating with opposing parties via telephone and online.

The statutes of limitations for personal injury claims in Florida is two years, which should allow plenty of time for your case to be resolved even with these delays. In the event you already had a personal injury lawsuit filed, any deadlines that might apply would be extended.

Enforcing Settlements

Settlements in personal injury lawsuits can easily total hundreds of thousands of dollars. With so many people unemployed and business closures throughout the area, COVID-19 could result in delays in obtaining your judgment.

In these types of cases, we can take the enforcement actions needed to ensure the at-fault party pays. This includes wage garnishment, seizure of bank accounts, and liens on any real estate or other property they possess.

Get Our Boca Raton Personal Injury Attorneys on Your Side

Despite the coronavirus, Ged Lawyers, LLP remains a strong legal advocate on your side. We can help ensure you get the compensation you deserve in your claim. To discuss your case, call or contact our Boca Raton personal injury attorneys online today.