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Smith and Nephew Hip Liner Recall

Smith and Nephew recalled a metal hip liner in the R3 Acetabular System after complaints of infections, dislocations, and other complications.

Smith and Nephew has issued a recall affecting nearly 8,000 patients who received the hip implants with the recalled metal liners. The company recalled a metal hip liner in the R3 Acetabular System following numerous complaints of metal toxicity, dislocations, fractures, infections, and other complications.

The company explained that it was not satisfied with the clinical results of the hip liner. The recall was issued after a large percentage of patients underwent revisionary surgeries for the R3 hip replacement system.

After the recall, patients who have been implanted with the recalled metal liner are suing Smith and Nephew to recover damages. If you or someone you love has the R3 Acetabular System implant with the recalled hip liner, you may be eligible to pursue a lawsuit against the company.

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Why Did Smith and Nephew Recall the Hip Liner?

The recall was issued back in 2012. Smith and Nephew recalled the metal hip liner used in the R3 Acetabular System following numerous complaints from patients who received the implant.

Some of the side effects associated with the recalled hip liner include:

  • Metal toxicity
  • Infection
  • Mobility issues
  • Pain in the implanted area
  • Implant loosening
  • Bone fractures at the implant site
  • Implant dislocation

Many patients implanted with the R3 Acetabular System who experience these and other serious complications require immediate revision surgery to remove the old implant and replace it with a new one.

In other words, patients have to undergo yet another surgery because of the alleged defective design of the hip liner. Patients who require a revision surgery have to endure pain and go through a recovery period, which may result in the loss of income and additional expenses.

For this reason, patients who have been affected by the Smith and Nephew hip liner recall may be eligible to file a product liability lawsuit against the company to recover damages such as:

  • Medical bills
  • Loss of income
  • Pain and suffering

Patients are Suing Smith and Nephew for the Defective Hip Liner

Unlike other parts of the R3 Acetabular Hip Replacement System, the hip liner is made of cobalt-chromium alloy. Smith and Nephew marketed the hip liner as a safe way to reduce wear and promised a lower rate of revision surgeries.

However, the opposite was true. The R3 Acetabular System had a higher rate of revision surgeries and more serious complications than any other type of hip replacement implants on the market.

Many complications associated with the R3 Acetabular System with the hip liner were caused by its metal design, which turned the entire system into a metal-on-metal joint. As the metal pieces rub together when the joint moves, metal shards shear away and enter the surrounding tissue or bloodstream.

The design defect prompted Smith and Nephew to issue the hip liner recall in 2012. Many patients who had revision surgeries due to the defective design of the hip liner filed product liability lawsuits against the company.

Plaintiffs accuse Smith and Nephew of manufacturing a defective product and negligently marketing it as a safe hip replacement implant. If you or your family member has Smith and Nephew’s hip replacement implant with the defective hip liner, you may be able to pursue a product liability lawsuit.

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