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Florida Windshield Replacement Litigation Lawyers

For drivers in Florida, a windshield chip or crack is a minor inconvenience. After all, Florida statutes allow an automobile owner to get a windshield replaced through their comprehensive insurance coverage at no cost. Windshield replacement is not even subject to the policy’s deductible. All an owner needs to do is call an auto windshield repair shop that often comes out and does the repair onsite at their home or workplace.

While this may be easy for the car owner, the process can be an entirely different scenario for the repair shop. Repairing a customer’s windshield is not the hard part. Getting paid by their insurance company often is.

If you are a windshield repair business owner in Florida who has found yourself on the losing end of this windshield replacement scenario, we can help. At Ged Lawyers, LLP, our Florida windshield replacement litigation lawyers help businesses like yours get paid fairly by the large insurance companies.

How Windshield Replacement Claims Work

The Florida windshield replacement law was enacted to keep drivers safe from driving with cracked windshields. This law allows automobile owners to get windshield replacements for free and prohibits insurance providers from applying the usual deductible. This works well for car owners. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work so well for windshield repair shops.

In compliance with the state law, Florida insurance companies have set up working relationships with some large windshield glass replacement companies to streamline this process. Through this process, these “approved” windshield replacement companies agree to significantly discount their repair rates, ensuring substantial business volume and saving the insurance companies money.

How This Affects Small, Independent Repair Shops

Windshield replacement and auto glass shops that don’t work as part of the insurance industry’s approved network very often get shortchanged when they go to get reimbursed by the driver’s insurance company in a claim. Unfortunately, Florida law provides few requirements for windshield repair claims. Consequently, to get paid under the insured’s policy, many repair shops find themselves fighting the big insurance companies to get paid fairly for their work.

How Insurance Companies Get Out of Paying Windshield Repair Claims in Florida

Insurance companies use limiting language in policies, such as only agreeing to pay the “prevailing competitive price” for windshield repairs. National Auto Glass Specifications publish industry-standard pricing and information that auto glass professionals use throughout the country. But under the above scenario, big insurance companies control what local “competitive price” they will pay by contracting for significant discounts to those commonly charged in the marketplace.

For many small and independent glass shops, insurance companies or their third-party administrators hold sway over how much they can get paid, often leaving them to make no profit on the repair or even take a loss. In other cases, the insurance company can make it extremely difficult to collect on a claim at all, hoping a small business will give up. As a windshield repair business owner, you have the right to be paid fairly for your services.

Getting Legal Assistance

While Florida windshield replacement law works well for the consumer, it hurts independent business owners trying to make a fair living. Being held to artificial price controls and limiting policy language is simply not acceptable.

If you feel you are fighting a losing battle with a big insurance company, you are not alone. At Ged Lawyers, LLP, we can help. We have spent our careers fighting big insurance companies and holding them accountable in disputes arising from their unfair practices. If you are a glass company that is having difficulty getting paid from an insurance claim, let our experienced Florida windshield replacement litigation lawyers help. Call us at (561) 995-1966 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.