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Is Your FL Estate Plan Up to Date?

In: Estate Planning

The seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic warrants making sure you have the proper estate planning documents in place. 

Estate planning helps to ensure that your affairs are in order, conveys your wishes, and protects your loved ones in the event of unexpected events. It is important for anyone, regardless of their age, income, or amount of property they own to have an estate plan in place. Considering the seriousness of the situation surrounding the coronavirus pandemic in Boca Raton, and the life-threatening impact the virus can have on your health, now is the time to ensure you have an estate plan and that it is up to date.

Making Sure Your Will is Up to Date

Creating a will is one of the most basic yet important estate planning tasks. It conveys your wishes regarding how your death should be handled and how money or property you possess should be distributed. It can save your loved ones both time and money in terms of avoiding costly probate court proceedings while sharing any information or sentiments you want them to know after you are gone.

Unfortunately, the American Association of Retired People (AARP) reports that more than half of all adults do not have a legally valid will in place. Even among those who do, failing to update it regularly is a common problem. As the coronavirus death count in Boca Raton steadily increases, it is important to act now to create this important document or update the existing one you have. Changes your will should reflect include:

Other Important Estate Planning Documents You Need to Have in Place

A will is one of several documents which should be included in your estate plan. Other items you need to either create or update as a result of the coronavirus include:

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