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Sex Trafficking and Human Trafficking Lawyers

Victims of human trafficking, whether or not it involved sexual exploitation, have the right to file civil lawsuits against any party that benefited financially from it. Some survivors of sex trafficking have sued the companies that own Collier County motels where the plaintiffs were forced to engage in sex work.

Under Florida law, human trafficking is a felony punishable by five-and-a-half years to life in prison. The criminal courts and civil courts being separate, criminal cases against people accused of human trafficking do not address compensation for the victims, unless the judge orders the convicted defendants to pay restitution. Of course, in cases of human trafficking that involve forced sex work, many people may have benefited financially from the victims’ ordeal, not only participants in the trafficking operation, but also the owners of businesses where the forced sex work occurred, such as hotels. A group of women who were trafficked to Collier County and forced to engage in sex work have filed a lawsuit against several hotel chains where they were trafficked. If you are a survivor of human trafficking, a Palm Beach County mass torts lawyer can help you seek justice.

Sex Trafficking Survivors Sue 22 Naples Area Hotels That Derived Financial Gain from Their Abuse

How many times have you pulled up to a motel and gotten a bad vibe? If it is obvious to travelers after just a few minutes that something is amiss at a morel, shouldn’t it be obvious to the facility’s management?

Two women who were trafficked to Collier County and forced to perform sex work have filed a lawsuit against 22 hotels and motels where their traffickers forced them to work, performing sexual acts with unknown men while under the influence of heroin. The incidents took place on multiple occasions in 2015 and 2016, and the plaintiffs say that the hotel employees must have known that sex work was taken place and could reasonably have known that the women were being trafficked, and yet they did nothing, while accepting payment from the people booking the rooms where the women were being exploited. Survivors of human trafficking have filed similar lawsuits against hotel chains in 11 other states.

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A mass torts lawyer can help you recover damages for the suffering, physical injuries, and financial losses you experienced as a victim of human trafficking, no matter how many or how few people faced criminal charges related to the trafficking operation. Contact Ged Lawyers in Boca Raton, Florida to discuss your case.