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Zimmer Biomet Hip Replacement Lawsuit

Hip replacements are supposed to be life-improving procedures that relieve pain and increase your range of motion. However, this is often not the case for patients who received metal-on-metal hip replacement joints, such as the M2a Magnum joint manufactured by Zimmer Biomet. This particular hip replacement caused serious and costly problems for many patients.

If you had a Zimmer Biomet hip replacement that caused you injuries and required additional treatment, you should not wait to contact a product liability law firm that is handling this type of medical product claim. Lawsuits are already well underway for many people, so don’t wait any longer to learn about your rights.

Issues with Metal-on-Metal Implants

The M2a Magnum, M2a-38, and other Zimmer Biomet implants are called metal-on-metal implants, which were a disastrous hip replacement development in the 21st century. These and other implants from other manufacturers are no longer used for total hip replacements due to the poor design.

Manufacturers claimed that bodily fluids would lubricate the metal ball and metal cup of the replacement joint, though sufficient lubrication did not happen in most cases. Instead, the metal components grinded together, causing friction and sending flakes of cobalt, chromium, and other metals into the body. This also compromised the metal joint, which could fail much earlier than anticipated.

Some of the problems that patients with these implants faced include:

  • Metallosis and other metal poisoning
  • Dangerously high cobalt levels
  • Damage to the muscle, bone, or soft tissue
  • Infections
  • Revision surgeries

Patients incurred significant expenses for treatment needed due to the metal-on-metal implants, as well as pain and suffering. Metallosis can cause many symptoms, including vision and hearing loss, cognitive impairments, and other life-altering effects.

Holding Zimmer Biomet Accountable

The manufacturer has not accepted responsibility for designing and selling a defective hip implant that caused devastating injuries and health problems. At one point, the company did warn surgeons in Europe and Australia about the serious risks of the implants, but they did not warn surgeons in the United States. Sales were high in the U.S., and Zimmer Biomet appeared to put profits ahead of patient safety.

Manufacturers that knowingly sell defective or dangerous medical devices without warning medical professionals and the public should be held fully accountable for all of the losses people suffered as a result. Some losses include:

  • The costs of medical treatment for metal poisoning and other health conditions
  • Revision surgeries for a new implant
  • Long-term impairments
  • Lost earnings due to additional treatment and recovery time
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost enjoyment of life

People with metal-on-metal hip implants are losing time to seek compensation for their losses, so it is critical to discuss a possible claim with an experienced product liability lawyer right away.

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