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Automobile Hurricane Damage Claims

Skilled disaster recovery specialists successfully recover compensation

Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey damaged more than 1 million automobiles when they struck Florida in 2017. And while the 2018 hurricane season has come to a close, the devastation will last for quite some time. Many Floridians sustained damage to their homes, businesses, boats, and vehicles, leaving them without a place to stay and no method of personal transportation. Filing an insurance claim for automobile hurricane damage can be challenging, as insurance companies are guided by their best interests, not yours. At Ged Lawyers, LLP, our skilled disaster recovery specialists understand the hurricane damage claims process and successfully recover compensation for the damage to your automobile.

Hurricane damage to your vehicle

When a hurricane’s winds of 74 miles per hour or more are accompanied by heavy rain, the resulting flooding can be devastating. And it doesn’t take much water to carry a car away – the National Weather Service reports that only one foot of water can carry away a small vehicle, and that only two feet of water can sweep away most vehicles.

Flooding from storm surges and heavy rains can cause extensive damage to your automobile, including corrosion due to exposure to saltwater. This is of particular concern in hybrid and electric cars as the batteries in these vehicles are highly corrosive. Bits of material that are often drudged up in flood water can result in damage to your tires. And downed trees and power lines that strike an automobile can cause extensive damage.

Does car insurance cover automobile hurricane damage?

Every automobile insurance policy is different and whether your particular car insurance policy covers hurricane damage to your car depends on your policy. Flooding is generally covered if you purchased comprehensive protection in your automobile policy. It is best to review the terms of your car insurance policy, including coverages and deductibles, and any determine what documentation is required to support your claim.

Timeframe for filing a claim

Every state has statutes of limitation – the legal timeframe for filing a claim. In Florida, the statute of limitations for filing a claim for automobile hurricane damage is four years from the time the car was damaged.

We help you recover maximum compensation for your automobile hurricane damage

When a hurricane hits, it can be devastating. If you had your car swept away by storm surge floodwaters, damaged from standing in saltwater, or crushed by a tree in the storm, you may file a claim for automobile hurricane damage. Receiving the coverage you are entitled to under your automobile insurance policy for damage sustained due to a hurricane is often a frustrating, cumbersome process. The experienced Florida disaster recovery specialists at Ged Lawyers, LLP are skilled in every aspect of automobile insurance claims, successfully recovering just compensation for the damage to your vehicle. To schedule a free case review with a member of our team to discuss your claim, contact our office at 844-443-3529 or online.