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Window Leaks Prevalent After Hurricane Damage

Disaster recovery specialists recover compensation for Florida hurricane damage

Ten hurricanes struck Florida in 2017, leaving a trail of devastation, particularly from Hurricane Irma. The 2018 hurricane season is now in full swing, pummeling communities that have yet to recover from previous storms. Some of the destruction from a hurricane is obvious to the eye, seen in torn roofs, flooded homes, and shattered windows. Other damage does not become apparent until later, as is often the case with window leaks. And this can make recovering compensation from your insurance company particularly challenging. Hurricane property damage attorneys at Ged Lawyers, LLP specialize in disaster recovery and are successful in obtaining the compensation you deserve from the insurance company.

Window leaks are often undetected

While window leaks are a common cause of water damage in a home, they often go undetected until the water damage becomes evident inside the home. Property damage can be extensive, affecting various parts of the dwelling, including drywall, insulation, ceilings, walls, cabinets, and interior finishes.

Windows, water, and wind

Hurricanes are storms that bring winds of at least 74 miles per hour or more, which is accompanied by heavy rain, lightning, and thunder. Windows – including those that are graded as hurricane impact windows – are not designed to be waterproof. They are designed to be water resistant. When it rains, some water enters windows through gaskets and weather-strips and enters the frame, but then drains back outside the building. But not when the driving rain is at hurricane-force wind speeds. Hurricane windows that have met the national standard requirements will only resist water at wind speeds up to 55 miles per hour – significantly less than the 74 miles per hour winds of a hurricane.

Are window leaks covered by insurance?

Property damage that occurred from window leaks due to a hurricane are covered under most insurance policies. As a homeowner, it is important to understand that the cause of the damage is what is at the heart of an insurance claim. For example, was the window leak caused by sustained driving wind and rain alone, or were the windows not properly maintained and that caused the leak? Were the windows leaking prior to the storm? Insurance companies act in their own best interests, not yours. And they will look for other contributing factors as a reason to dispute or deny your claim.

Is there a time limit for filing a property damage claim?

In Florida, the statute of limitations for a property damage claim – the legal timeframe for filing a claim in the civil court system – is four years from the date the property was damaged. Your claim must be filed before this deadline for you to recover any compensation for the property damage you sustained.

We battle insurance companies and win

When you have experienced a hurricane, it can be devastating. Property damage to your home may be only one of the hardships you face in the aftermath. Insurance companies know this and may try to take advantage of your situation, offering you compensation that is far below what you deserve. At Ged Lawyers, LLP, our Florida disaster recovery attorneys are leaders in the field and work tirelessly on your behalf to recover the compensation you are entitled to for your insurance claim. Our disaster recovery team is available to meet with you to discuss your situation; contact our office at 844-443-3529 or online to schedule an appointment.