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Swimming Pool Accidents

If you have been injured in a swimming pool accident, you are probably wondering who will pay your medical bills. You may be able to recover damages if another person or entity is responsible for your injury.

However, it is advised to consult with a Boca Raton personal injury attorney to establish fault in your case and help you seek compensation for your damages and losses. Contact GED Lawyers, LLP, to determine liability for your swimming pool accident injury in Boca Raton or elsewhere in Florida.

Common Injuries in Swimming Pool Accidents

Hundreds of thousands of people across the United States are injured in swimming pool accidents. While a swimming pool may seem like the safest and most joyful place in the world, there are lots of hazards that increase the risk of injury. Common swimming pool accident injuries include:

It is vital to seek immediate medical attention if you were injured in or around a swimming pool to document your injury and begin treatment right away.

Causes of Swimming Pool Accidents

Swimming pool accidents can occur for various reasons. The most common causes of swimming pool accidents in Florida include:

  • Inadequate supervision or lack thereof
  • Defective pool equipment
  • Damaged pool equipment or surfaces
  • Improper depth markings or lack thereof
  • Improper safety equipment or pumps
  • Lack of fencing
  • Slip and fall hazards
  • Improper warning signs
  • Poor swimming pool maintenance
  • Lack of qualified lifeguards
  • Lack of life-saving equipment

Regardless of how your swimming pool accident occurred, it is best to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Liability for Swimming Pool Accident Injuries

Under Florida’s personal injury law, anyone whose negligence or carelessness caused or contributed to your swimming pool accident can be held liable for the resulting damages and losses.

Depending on the facts surrounding your swimming pool accident, there may be one or several responsible parties. Typically, the following parties can be held liable for injuries in swimming pool accidents:

  • The owner of the pool
  • The manufacturer of the pool and its equipment
  • The company that installed and maintained the pool
  • The person or company that keeps the pool clean and chemically balanced
  • The lifeguard or another person whose negligence or carelessness caused your injury in or around the pool

When Can You Sue for Your Injury in a Swimming Pool in Florida?

It is vital to speak with a skilled lawyer as soon as possible after your swimming pool accident to determine fault, identify liable parties, and gather the necessary evidence to prove the other party’s negligence or carelessness.

There is a time limit for filing a personal injury claim in Florida, which is why it is best to start the legal process as soon as possible. The investigative process can take a while, especially if your injury is severe. That is why you should hire a knowledgeable attorney to pursue a claim and recover damages on your behalf.

Florida’s statute of limitations for personal injury claims is four years from the date of the swimming pool accident or two years if the accident led to wrongful death.

Speak with our knowledgeable swimming pool accident attorneys in Boca Raton to determine liability in your particular case. Call at 561-995-1966 for a consultation.