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Are Self-Driving Trucks Safe to Test on Our Roads?

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Trucking companies have been testing autonomous trucks for years now, and they pose many risks and benefits to other drivers.

Trucking companies have been investigating the idea of autonomous, or self-driving, trucks for the past few years. Naturally, the companies testing these vehicles are touting the many benefits of these vehicles, but they come with significant risks, as well. The testing being done throughout the country, including near Boca Raton, has many people wondering if they are safe as they head out on the roads.

How Self-Driving Trucks Work

Consumers were made aware of self-driving vehicles, and the fact that they could share the road with human drivers, several years ago. In 2018, however, trucking companies started testing autonomous trucks, and that made motorists even more concerned. Trucks have the potential to cause some of the most serious injuries on the roads and in some cases, wrongful death, even when there is a human behind the wheel. Today, many trucking companies are stating that testing could conclude as soon as 2021, at which time they would send these vehicles out on the road.

Autonomous trucks work similarly to self-driving cars. They use computer software and sensors to identify and avoid dangers on the road. Self-driving trucks being tested specifically must have a human certified truck driver behind the wheel until testing is complete.

Pros and Cons of Self-Driving Trucks

Trucking companies have been promoting self-driving trucks as being safer than trucks driven by humans for years. Trucking companies have stated that they will eliminate the problems associated with human drivers, including driving while fatigued and texting while driving. However, these types of trucks also pose many significant risks to the drivers on the roads.

There are many times when driving simply requires a human brain behind the wheel. The computer software used in autonomous trucks is not infallible. Software can contain glitches or malfunction, which can cause a serious accident on the road. Additionally, the roads are not always predictable. The roads in Boca Raton are routinely under construction, or other work could be under way that requires a detour. GPS and other computer programs cannot always sense these detours, and an autonomous truck could enter an area in which it does not belong, and at a high speed.

Even during the testing phase, self-driving trucks are not necessarily safer than if there was not a person inside. Drivers can easily become complacent when a truck is autonomous and may not pay the same attention to the roads as they would if they were responsible for the operations alone.

The truth is that the future of self-driving trucks, and the impact they will have on the road, is uncertain. Until more is known, however, drivers should be concerned about these trucks, even during their testing phase when they have a human at the wheel.

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