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Were You Injured at an Amusement Park?

In: Personal Injury

Amusement park injuries happen more often than people would like to admit. When they do, accident victims can hold amusement park owners liable.

Florida is known for the many amusement parks it has, and people travel around the world to visit them every year. Walt Disney World is undoubtedly the most famous of these, but there is also Epcot, Sea World, and Universal Studios. Although most of the time, people return from these parks with nothing more than souvenirs and good memories, sometimes they return with serious injuries. When they do, a Boca Raton personal injury lawyer can help them claim compensation for those injuries.

Causes of Amusement Park Injuries

There are unfortunately, many different causes of amusement park injuries, and many of them rest on negligence. The most common causes of injuries at amusement parks include:

When any of these acts of negligence occur, they can result in a number of different accidents.

Types of Accidents at Amusement Parks

Many people only think of accidents that can occur with the actual rides at amusement parks. While this is certainly one very dangerous type of accident, there are others, as well. These include:

When any of these accidents occur, victims can hold the amusement park owner or staff members accountable. Unfortunately, this is not easy.

Amusement Park Injuries are Complicated

Any injury claim is going to be complicated, but those involving amusement parks are extremely complex. This is because amusement parks know how inherently dangerous their grounds are, and so they include waivers on their tickets that protect them from liability should an accident occur.

It is extremely important that all amusement park visitors understand that this waiver does not allow amusement park owners or their staff to act negligently. They are still expected to act in a reasonable manner that will keep everyone safe. When they do not, accident victims can hold them liable.

Were You Injured at an Amusement Park? Call Our Florida Personal Injury Lawyers

The amusement parks in Florida draw visitors from near and far every year. Unfortunately, year after year, there are also many accidents that occur on amusement park grounds. When they do, it is important that accident victims understand that they may be eligible for compensation. If you have been hurt, call our Boca Raton personal injury lawyers at Ged Lawyers, LLP. We can represent you whether you live in the state or you were injured while here on vacation. Contact us today at (561) 995-1966 or contact us online to schedule your free case review.