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Fosamax Femur Fracture Attorneys

Fosamax is intended to treat osteoporosis. Made by the pharmaceutical giant Merck, Fosamax used to have annual sales that topped $3 billion. However, there have been numerous lawsuits that have alleged that Fosamax weakens bones and leaves them more vulnerable to fracture.

Patients have alleged that they suffered breaks in the bone in their mid-thighs. Oftentimes, these happened without any accompanying injury. Some patients reported months of pain in their thigh immediately prior to the bone breaking. Nonetheless, the breaks happen spontaneously. Estimates are that one out of every 2,000 people taking Fosamax has suffered this thigh fracture.

If you believe you suffered injuries after taking this drug, contact a Fosamax injury lawyer to discuss a possible case.

Femur Fractures Happen After Significant Bone Damage

This type of femur fracture is consistent with severe damage to the bone. Usually, the femur is a very strong bone, and most fractures occur in the hip area as opposed to the thigh. However, bisphosphonates, the class to which Fosamax belongs, hardens the outside of the bones without healing the inside. This could increase the risk of fracture.

Merck Has Been Sued in Fosamax Product Liability Lawsuits

Currently, Merck is the defendant in hundreds of product liability cases in which the plaintiffs allege that they suffered fractured femurs after taking Fosamax. The drug has been on the FDA’s radar screen as far back as 2010 when the regulator issued a Safety Communication that warned of the dangers. Specifically, the FDA stated that long-term use of Fosamax and other drugs in its class could cause femur fractures. This followed a 2008 study that found that patients taking Fosamax had 125 times the normal risk for a femur fracture.

Even after this safety warning, Merck continued to sell Fosamax. Even though sales of the drug have fallen since then, there are millions of people who have taken the drug for the long term and may be at risk for injuries.

Previously, Merck was sued by patients who claimed that Fosamax caused them to develop a rare jaw disease that caused the bone to crumble and die. Merck agreed to settle 1,200 cases for just over $27 million. However, Merck still faces other Fosamax lawsuits.

What to Know About Fosamax Lawsuits

Here is what you should know about the Fosamax lawsuits:

  • You may be eligible for financial compensation if your femur broke when you were taking Fosamax, including money for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.
  • There are over 250 lawsuits pending against Merck in federal court in New Jersey. There are also hundreds of cases in state court.
  • Merck is alleged to have known about this possible problem as far back as 1990.
  • The lawsuits accuse Merck of concealing the risks of Fosamax and designing a defective drug that made patients more susceptible to thigh fractures.

Florida Injury Lawyers Helping Clients File Fosamax Lawsuits

The first step to filing your own Fosamax lawsuit is discussing your case with experienced Florida injury lawyers. Contact the product liability attorneys at Ged Lawyers, LLP online or call us at (561) 995-1966 to learn more about your legal rights and the lawsuit process.