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Aggressively Pursuing Electrical and Plumbing Damage Claims for Property Owners

During severe hurricane seasons, it is not unusual to see billions of dollars in damage across the impacted areas. Destroyed homes, power outages, and business interruptions are all devastating impacts of major storms. Electrical and plumbing damage claims may be especially expensive for property owners. At Ged Lawyers, LLP, our Florida disaster relief attorneys are experienced in hurricane-related insurance claims and make sure you get the money you deserve to rebuild and repair your property.

Electrical damage after a hurricane

There are many types of damage that the electrical system in a home may suffer during a hurricane.

For example, water enters many homes during a hurricane, whether caused by storm surges or holes in the roof. Clearly, water and electricity do not mix—water may cause serious damage to wiring and the general electrical system throughout the property. Fires are also a dangerous consequence of water damage in many homes.

If you return to your property and notice water damage, you should never go inside unless the area has been checked out by a professional. Water that contains live electrical current can be deadly.

Additionally, falling trees may cause major damage to the electrical system in a home. Downed power lines may also start fires or expose dangerous current.

Plumbing damage after a hurricane

Plumbing damage is also common after a hurricane. When the ground becomes saturated with water, it can put a lot of strain on underground pipes. In addition, flooding may cause the ground to actually shift, which can cause pipes to break or burst. Such damage may cause expensive water leaks for homeowners.

As for the interior of the home, flooding may cause toilets and other types of sewage lines to back up into the home, bringing in potentially dangerous bacteria and microorganisms. Physical damage may cause major leaks that cause part of the home to collapse. Mold growth is another concern with plumbing damage.

Insurance coverage for electrical and plumbing damage

In Florida, hurricane deductibles are part of many insurance policies. These deductibles are a portion of the property’s insured value, as opposed to a set dollar amount. Hurricane deductibles may be up to 5 percent of the home’s insured value.

However, insurance companies do not always make it easy for homeowners to receive the coverage they have paid for. In fact, many delay paying claims or deny paying them at all. Insurance companies may try to use the following arguments to avoid liability:

  • The damage to the home was preexisting
  • The damage to the home was caused by flooding
  • The homeowner did not mitigate the damage to the home
  • The homeowner did not notify the insurance company quickly enough about the damage

It is important to hire our Florida hurricane damage attorneys as soon as possible if your home has been damaged in a hurricane. Our attorneys do not allow insurance companies to take advantage of homeowners or property owners. We make sure you get the money you deserve to rebuild.

At Ged Lawyers, our Florida hurricane and disaster recovery lawyers force insurance companies to do what is right for you and your family

The attorneys at Ged Lawyers have been recognized throughout the state of Florida and the rest of the United States for their dedication to serving their clients. Our attorneys are compassionate, yet aggressive against untrustworthy insurance companies. We help you obtain the money you deserve so you can move forward after a devastating storm. To set up your free case review at one of our Florida offices, call 844-443-3529 or visit us online.