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Worn or Defective Tires

When accidents happen due to worn or defective tires, our Boca Raton truck accident lawyers can assist you in seeking compensation for the injuries you suffer as a result.

With our proximity to highways and interstates, truck accidents in Boca Raton are a common occurrence. When they happen, it is often other motorists involved who suffer the most serious injuries. While there are often multiple factors that cause truck accidents, one of the leading contributing causes is defective truck parts and a lack of maintenance. At Ged Lawyers, LLP., we help you hold truck drivers and the companies they work for accountable in these situations. As experienced Boca Raton truck accident lawyers, we know that worn or defective tires are often to blame.

Truck Accidents Caused by Worn or Defective Tires

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reports that close to 5,000 fatal truck accidents occur on highways, local roads, and interstates throughout the country each year. In more than 100,000 other cases, truck accidents leave other motorists and their passengers suffering serious injuries. Road conditions, heavy traffic, and adverse weather are often underlying factors. When truck tires are worn or defective, the risk for these types of accidents increases.

While it may not be obvious to the people involved in a crash or listed in collision reports, tire problems are frequently to blame for truck accidents. As experienced truck accident lawyers in Boca Raton, we know that tires with worn tread or bulging and improperly inflated tires can cause the following issues:

  • Poor traction, making it harder to navigate various road surfaces;

  • Increased likelihood of skidding, particularly around curves or when making turns;

  • Decreased ability to slow or stop the truck, especially in heavy traffic conditions;

  • Tire blowouts, which can cause the truck to lose control, fishtailing into other vehicles or potentially rolling over.

At Ged Lawyers, LLP., we work to uncover when tire problems are to blame for truck accidents. Identifying these causes plays a key role in holding at-fault parties accountable for the medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages you suffer in a claim.

We Hold At-Fault Parties Responsible for Your Truck Accident Injuries

When truck accidents occur due to worn or defective tires, there are three parties that may be held legally liable for damages you suffer in an injury claim:

  1. The truck driver, for failing to properly check and inflate the tires;

  2. The trucking company, for poor truck maintenance practices;

  3. The tire manufacturer, for producing and selling defective tires.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is vigilant in forcing tire manufacturers to recall dangerous tires. Unfortunately, recalls often do not happen until after a truck accident occurs.

Our Boca Raton Truck Accident Lawyers Provide the Legal Guidance You Need

Trucking companies and tire manufacturers have teams of attorneys representing them against claims. To protect your rights to compensation, get Ged Lawyers, LLP on your side. To discuss how we can assist you, call or contact our Boca Raton truck accident lawyers online and request a consultation today.